“The Auntie Way Writing Retreat provides an inspirational, safe, and non-judgmental space to write.  I found the visualization methods she used very helpful in decreasing my anxiety and increasing my confidence to write.  Michelle helped everyone in our group—even our most anxious of writers become productive.  The writing sessions are good for both introverts and extroverts.”

Faculty Member, University of Connecticut

Using the approach in my book, The Auntie Way, I have created a professional development system to support faculty growth and productivity. I invite you to learn more about, and join us in, The Auntie Way Writing Retreat!

“Working with Dr. Jacob, simply being with her in a group, helps re-frame and re-train the (sometimes subconscious) negative self-talk that bogs down creativity, scholarship, and feelings of success. Her guidance makes you realize you have the tools, you have the will, you have the right to be successful, happy, and balanced. As a woman and faculty of color, Dr. Jacob’s mentoring and professional development helps you realize that you are not alone and that your success matters for more than just you. Dr. Jacob’s approach she offers through her company, Anuhuy Mentoring, is inspirational and something I try to carry on my shoulder to whisper in my ears when I need it, and to bring to my relationships with my mentees.”

Faculty Member, University of Vermont

I offer this wonderful professional development system through my company, Anahuy Mentoring. The signature program of my system is The Auntie Way Writing Retreat. The Auntie Way Writing Retreat is a nine week course in which I lead a weekly 2-hour Zoom meeting of diverse and interdisciplinary scholars. In our work, we focus on each writer developing their skills and mindsets as writers using the approach from The Auntie Way, emphasizing how we each are full of kindness, fierceness, and creativity–as writers who care about our communities and peoples (and how important this is especially since our diverse voices are not the dominant narrative within our institutions). This work takes place during each session in brief introductory exercises, short breaks in which writers share successes or problems of practice to receive support from the group, and during our concluding/future planning at the end of each session. In between this important work are timed writing sessions in which each writer moves their paper/project to the next level. It is such a joy to witness each writer “seeing” the results of their work in each writing retreat. I am available at all times during the writing retreat to provide on-demand coaching in a private breakout room for any participant needing more support to clarify goals, next steps, or overcome any obstacles they are facing in their writing. 

“The retreat is amazing and has helped me to complete my dissertation, articles, and now a book proposal. It is such an incredible community and Michelle’s leadership and guidance is everything I need. I look forward to it every week!”

Faculty Member, University of oregon

All work in our live weekly writing retreat is synchronous and is conceptualized, led, and facilitated by me, Dr. Michelle M. Jacob, a leading Indigenous social scientist and Professor of Indigenous Studies. I draw from my Yakama Tribal teachings and experience as a scholar of Indigenous methodologies to offer professional development built upon the Indigenous feminist and culturally grounded research and community engagement that are the foundation of everything I do. My book, The Auntie Way, articulates the importance of my Yakama Indigenous teachings that strong Indigenous “Auntie” figures are great sources of strength and visionary leadership within our families, communities, and Indigenous Nations. The themes of community-building and healing from the damages of settler colonialism are woven throughout my scholarship. I bring this work, which is centered on my Yakama Indigenous teachings, and share it through my writing retreats and professional development activities. It is a powerful model for faculty and graduate students to develop their own understandings of how to be in respectful relation to place, and through this process everyone is invited to learn how to root their own stories and work in ways that respect Indigenous teachings and place while developing their own visions for scholarly work and leadership within higher education institutions that are built upon Indigenous land.

“This writing retreat has been so valuable to me! Not only did signing up for this writing retreat ensure that I block out time each week for a project I’m working on, but the reflective prompts and supportive community helped me make more progress on that project in two hours than I typically do in an entire week.”

Faculty Member, University of Oregon

I invite you to invest in your writing success by signing up for The Auntie Way Writing Retreat.

Every registration includes year-round access to the Anahuy Mentoring Mighty Network with bonus writing retreats, co-working sessions, and supportive workshops. You will also receive discounts on any future writing retreats! Invest in your writing and professional success!

Spring 2023 Registration is open! Save the dates for our Spring course: April 7-June 2, 2023

Powerful collectives support exponential individual growth–ask your institution to support faculty and graduate students with an Institutional Membership for The Auntie Way Writing Retreat and enjoy the collective benefits of increased joy and productivity in writing. Institutional Membership information is available by contacting Dr. Jacob. Email: anahuymentoring@gmail.com

“I just needed to find my voice and trust in the process. This group and space has allowed me to do that and feel less afraid. Thanks again for the space you provide!”

Graduate Student, University of New Mexico