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Thank you for purchasing through my website! Author royalties are donated to the Sapsik’ʷałá Program to support the next generation of Indigenous teachers.

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Author Autographed Book: Birthday Gifts: Honoring People and Places We Love

Price includes shipping to U.S. addresses via media mail and PayPal fees. Description: Birthday Gifts: Honoring People and Places We Love celebrates the gifts we receive when we pay attention to kind and loving examples all around us. At the heart of the book is a Yakama Indigenous cultural teaching that affirms the power of the collective. The stories invite you to reflect on the ways in which you engage kindness, care, and joy in your own life, and in her typical style, Michelle M. Jacob invites you to think and feel deeply about how you may extend these loving practices for a broader impact in the world. In doing so, your life becomes a celebration in which you may observe yourself aging gracefully, whether you are a young reader/listener, or more advanced and rich with experiences. Birthday Gifts: Honoring People and Places We Love contains within it many gifts that you will enjoy over and over. Perhaps most importantly, the book invites, encourages, and inspires you to see and savor the gifts all around you.


Author Autographed Book: Fox Doesn’t Wear a Watch: Lessons from Mother Nature’s Classroom

Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Description: Fox Doesn’t Wear a Watch: Lessons from Mother Nature’s Classroom celebrates the power and wisdom of lessons we can learn when we reevaluate our relationship to place and time. Stories take place in a diversity of settings, including the author’s Yakama homelands as well as Indigenous lands on Turtle Island and across the Pacific. When did you last spend time outside engaging Mother Nature and your more than human relations? Did you pay attention to them and the lessons they have to offer? Perhaps you have been to other places, for work, visiting others, or vacation—did you witness new (to you) ways of living or experiencing the world? In Fox Doesn’t Wear a Watch, Michelle M. Jacob draws from lessons in her own Yakama culture and teaches readers, through rich description and gentle instruction, about the importance of learning from our surroundings, being in respectful relation to place, and rethinking our notion of time so that we are in tune with our surroundings and the lives we really want to live.


Author Autographed Book: The Auntie Way

Price includes shipping to U.S. addresses via media mail and PayPal fees. Description: The Auntie Way celebrates the lessons and love aunts teach us. Twelve stories set across diverse places, including the Yakama Reservation, New York City, and the halls of academia, describe the ways in which “Aunties,” whether blood related or chosen, help us to step into our better selves, through their kind and fierce “Auntie-ing.” Each story is accompanied by journaling and discussion questions to help readers connect with deeper lessons and inner wisdom. If you’ve ever had a beloved “Auntie,” are an aunt yourself, or feel the need for an auntie, this book is for you. The stories will touch your heart and make you think; they take you on a fun and loving journey, representing Auntie-ing at its finest.


Author Autographed Book: Huckleberries and Coyotes

Price includes shipping to U.S. addresses and PayPal fees. Description: Huckleberries and Coyotes: Lessons from Our More than Human Relations is a collection of stories by Yakama scholar Michelle M. Jacob. The author builds upon her previous studies of cultural revitalization and the power of Indigenous teachings by reflecting on what huckleberries, coyotes, and other more than human relations can teach us. Discussion and journaling questions after each story encourage readers to locate similar lessons in their own lives. The collection invites readers of all ages and backgrounds to listen to, learn from, and treasure their surroundings. We all have loving and generous teachers in our lives, if we are willing to pause and notice them. As a storyteller, Dr. Jacob urges us to continue the timeless Indigenous tradition of engaging with stories and one another to build connection and strength within ourselves, our communities, and our environments. On that journey, Huckleberries and Coyotes will both inspire and warm your heart.


Author Autographed Book: Indian Pilgrims

Price includes shipping to U.S. addresses and PayPal fees. Description: In 2012 Kateri Tekakwitha became the first North American Indian to be canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, an event that American Indian Catholics have awaited for generations. Saint Kateri, known as the patroness of the environment, was born in 1656. Within historical Catholic writings, Tekakwitha is portrayed as a model of pious, submissive femininity. Indian Pilgrims moves beyond mainstream narratives and shows that Saint Kateri is a powerful feminine figure who inspires decolonizing activism in contemporary Indigenous peoples’ lives.


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