Here is feedback on Michelle’s approach:

“This writing retreat has been so valuable to me! Not only did signing up for this writing retreat ensure that I block out time each week for a project I’m working on, but the reflective prompts and supportive community helped me make more progress on that project in two hours than I typically do in an entire week. I have already signed up for the next session!”

“Through Michelle’s guidance and support, I have grown as a scholar, teacher, and leader.”

“Michelle showed me how to use my voice and scholarship as a tool for social justice.”

“As a woman of color navigating the academy, I have been buffeted by the winds of self-doubt/imposter syndrome, increasing academic demands, and professional growth.  I have sought Dr. Jacob’s counsel for job offers and promotion conversations.  I return to her because of her excellent mentoring style–she is a deep listener; after listening, she finds the perfect balance of sharing relevant experiences and responding to your specific needs; she asks questions that help you think about the short- and long-term impacts; she encourages you to remember your passions; and she, most importantly, encourages you to practice self-care as you navigate challenging academic/career situations.”

“Michelle offered me support and a path forward to grow professionally, toward the vision I had for myself and the world I wanted for my children and community.”

“Michelle shows me the importance of believing in yourself as the source for social change.”

“I have worked with Dr. Jacob on a number of different projects/committees.  I have always looked forward to our collaborations, and hope for more.  While the work has varied, her style has been consistent: she smartly identifies the needs of a project and brings the complementary talents to the table; she communicates with honesty (but never meanness); she works with energy and enthusiasm (she brings her whole self into the work!); and she brings out the best in her colleagues with her mentorship.”