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  • Transformation
    I went to town to buy myself a printer. I’m kind of old school and love working with hard copies of documents. In the printer box was a CD, to install it I suppose; I didn’t look carefully at it. I don’t have a CD slot on my current computer, so I pondered what toContinue reading "Transformation"
  • Warm Welcome
    Yesterday in our Sapsik’ʷałá Seminar, Yakama Elder and “Super Auntie” Tux̱ámshish Dr. Virginia Beavert reminded us about the importance of welcoming students to our classrooms and welcoming guests to our meetings. She encouraged us to make sure people have water to drink and a little snack–something low in sugar, as so many people struggle withContinue reading "Warm Welcome"
  • Follow Your Path
    In marathon training, as in life, we need to make decisions about whether we’ll follow a plan we’ve set out for ourselves. When conditions are such that no major changes or dramas unfold it can be, in many ways, easier to “stick to the plan.” However, when big changes come our way–when hurdles or detoursContinue reading "Follow Your Path"
  • Áwna Túx̱sha (We’re going home now)
    This week I’m celebrating the launch of my new book, Fox Doesn’t Wear a Watch: Lessons from Mother Nature’s Classroom. This is the third book published by my company, Anahuy Mentoring, an independent Indigenous press and professional development company. I am honored to feature the beautiful work of Yakama artist Crystal Buck on the coverContinue reading "Áwna Túx̱sha (We’re going home now)"
  • Easy vs. Ease
    Marathon training, like life, is sometimes easy. Sometimes there’s a magical alignment of vision, plan, and task completion that’s done with such abundant energy and gracefulness that anything and everything seem possible. And sometimes, well, it doesn’t. In place of clarity and alignment perhaps we have fuzziness and doubt. Yet, deep down, we know weContinue reading "Easy vs. Ease"
  • Fitting Celebration
    Yesterday, in between what felt like urgent work tasks, I remembered almost by accident to do my most important work: I got up from sitting in front of my computer; I stretched; I went outside; I threw the ball for my sweet Rez dog. While playing ball, I noticed the world beyond a Zoom screenContinue reading "Fitting Celebration"
  • You Can Do It
    Marathon training is hard. At least for me it is–the long, steady, sustained focus in carrying out a detailed plan, several months long, that asks so much. As if following the plan wasn’t hard enough, I’m also required to stay mentally alert enough to decipher the difference between soreness and injury. And emotionally wise enoughContinue reading "You Can Do It"
  • Training Plan for Life
    Sometimes we get injured. I speak from experience. My foot aches with pain from a tendon overused, likely linked to an Achilles that was tight. Isn’t that how our problems in life also go? One linked to another. And, for me at least, often the connection isn’t made until later, when an “aha” moment revealsContinue reading "Training Plan for Life"
  • Happy Anniversary, The Auntie Way Blog
    February 28 is the one year anniversary of The Auntie Way Blog! In a recent interview with the Oregon Humanities Center’s UO Today, one of the questions prompted me to discuss why I’d written The Auntie Way. I mentioned how Aunts have a special role in our community and that we honor Aunties, both blood-relatedContinue reading "Happy Anniversary, The Auntie Way Blog"
  • Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
    I got to watch the sunrise this morning. Or rather, I watched the beautiful work of Aan (Sun) unfold. First the earliest rays of light kissed the top of a tree-covered mountain range I see out my window–kissing the tip top of the highest peak. It reminds me of when we humans kiss the topContinue reading "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss"