Dr. Michelle M. Jacob is accepting a limited number of coaching clients

Are you ready for transformation?

If you enjoy the approach Michelle uses in The Auntie Way, perhaps you’d like to spend focused time being coached by Michelle to address the obstacles currently keeping you from reaching your dreams. In this process you will grow and thrive in your own kindness, fierceness, creativity, and productivity.

Coaching clients receive 1:1 coaching with Dr. Michelle M. Jacob, renowned Yakama scholar and speaker. Michelle draws from cultural teachings and a wealth of knowledge of the academy to lead clients through a fun process of creating and using a vision to guide their work, planning, and problem solving. The result is tremendous growth in productivity and happiness. Coaching clients have private and confidential coaching sessions with Michelle.

What is your dream?

Would you like to:

  • Complete a stalled manuscript?
  • Resolve a difficult collaboration problem?
  • Feel confident and prepared regarding tenure or promotion?
  • Find a new job?
  • Increase your income?
  • Launch a new project or line of research?
  • Have greater balance in your work and life?
  • Feel a greater sense of ease in all you do?

If you’re ready for awesome and unprecedented growth in your career and well-being, fill out the form below to learn more!