“I found it incredibly productive and I really appreciate the questions and prompts that led to deep reflection on what I value most and my future goals. I especially appreciate you hitting home the points that we deserve to be happy and how important our scholarship is and that it needs to be in the world. I cannot thank you enough for your gentle and generous coaching" (Faculty Member, University of California)

Thank you for contacting me regarding coaching services. I would be honored to work with you to more deeply center kindness, fierceness, and creativity in your work and life!

My coaching approach includes asking you to prepare for our session through the completion of three questions that you complete and send to me in advance of our meetings. The prompts are an important tool for you to name the challenges you’re facing, as well as a space to envision a hopeful pathway forward. In our day-to-day lives, it is common to be pulled in many directions and when this happens our vision–what we really want--can seem less clear, or out of reach. As my coaching client, I work to help you focus on making your life a beautiful process of manifesting your vision. The work you do to make changes in this process is not always easy, but it is always designed to bring about a greater sense of ease. In our work together, we focus on what I call a bringing-into-being of your vision. My goal is that each day you are clear, confident, and joyful about your vision for your work and life, and that your daily goals and tasks are aligned with bringing your vision into being. When this happens, we witness unprecedented growth and new possibilities opening up for us we never dreamed possible!

My work is based on my own Yakama Indigenous teachings, which affirm strong individuals best help us create strong communities. We want each individual to grow and thrive to their full potential so each person can make their best contributions in work and life. Our spiritual and cultural teachings affirm we all benefit when this happens.

All of my clients are highly intelligent, extremely accomplished, and dedicated individuals who care deeply about social justice, and who want to see greater love and joy woven throughout our institutions, communities, and daily lives. Each client is looking to make shifts in beliefs and/or practices to have a life more deeply saturated with kindness, fierceness, and creativity.

If my approach sounds like a good fit for you, please register for a Coaching Session on the bottom of this page. The registration fee for the 40-minute individual, confidential coaching session is normally $100. Because I am celebrating fabulous accomplishments and growth in my own life and business, I am currently offering coaching sessions to a limited number of clients for a special rate of $55! My goal is to share the goodness I’m experiencing and open up opportunities for even more people to step more powerfully into their dreams!

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Invoicing and Venmo is available upon request. Email: anahuymentoring@gmail.com